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Welcome to my site. If you suspect there’s more to Russia than thugs and mail-order brides, I have a story you might like: The Harvest of Her Life’s Summer.  Quite a few Russians out there can’t stand vodka, have names that don’t sound all that Russian, and have grown to love their new home as much as they still love their birth country. My story is about such people, about the patient Canadians who have to put up with them, and about sorting through the legacy of our past on the threshold of midlife. My heroine must accept an unwelcome truth: an iron curtain in her soul is obscuring her vision of the people most dear to her, and she is the only one who can tear it down.

From Kirkus Reviews: “Its emphasis on relationships and psychology is closer to the work of Anton Chekhov than to standard clichés of spies and Slavic gangsters.” I could do a lot worse than being compared to one of my favourite writers.

The Harvest of Her Life’s Summer is my first novel, to be released by Wild Thorn Publishing on August 12, 2019. Please sign up for my newsletter if you would like to be notified when this and other books becomes available. My communications are brief and infrequent, and contain no musings on the meaning of life or what I had for breakfast. You might receive a random photo of an animal, though.

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